In short, I'm disgusted. This piece is written straight to my website before having been published in any paper because it probably wouldn't pass muster with them. So, I'm setting forth my thoughts here. Some might be offended by what I'm about to write; others might say "hell yes." My purpose is not to influence anyone from either side. It is, instead, to express my thoughts so that I can finally put them rest and can find some peace of mind in knowing that I've done all within my power.

This week in America has been a real shit show. It began with the realization that Trump will not be impeached or held accountable for anything he has done. Monday evening featured the first step of the Democrats' race for the presidential nomination. However, due to a glitch in the app that was to be a breakthrough in quickly reporting outcomes, we're still waiting for the final total and the winner of the caucus. Tuesday night, President Trump returned to "reality tv." This time he gave a State of the Union address that featured a surprise return home of a veteran to his family that took place in the gallery; the presentation of the highest civilian award to a man who has, by his own admission, worked hard to divide the country and promote a conservative agenda that debases anyone who disagrees with it; and the awarding of a scholarship to a school to a young black girl. A heavy sprinkling of lies flavored the speech so heavily that most people found it hard to swallow.

Today, the senate will vote and will acquit Trump for wrongdoings to which he has admitted. His supporters also say the president has done wrong, but his actions don't rise to the level of impeachment. So, this president will be given carte blanche to continue abusing his power, shaking down smaller countries, and enriching himself and his family. He is now above the law, or at least that's what senate Republicans have determined.

I am disgusted with this president, his family, and his administration. All failed to uphold the principles of the U.S. Those serving in various areas of the administration have violated their oaths of office by becoming weak sycophants to a man who is a bully. To them, office, power, and personal gain are much more important than service to the country. These individuals are not statesmen; they are soldiers in the Trump Mafia.

Worse still are the similarities of this president's beginnings to Hitler's rise. Both used lies to stir up people. They criminalized and degraded an entire race to instill fear in their countries. In addition, they imprisoned those individuals and separated children from parents. They degraded journalists and banned some from the right to cover the news, and they used one media outlet as though it were the state-run media. In the end, the standing of this country in the world is the weakest it's been in modern times, and many countries worry about the lack of actions for democracy by our government.

I'm also tired of the opposing party. It offers little hope for unseating this corrupt president. Leading candidates are extremists on the other side of the spectrum. They win favor by promising everything: free healthcare, free education, debt forgiveness, $1000 a month, and increase in wages. Democrats support these "pie in the sky" salesmen and saleswomen while ignoring the facts that the majority of the country does not favor a socialist agenda, that those proposals can never be passed in congress, and that the country cannot pay for the plans, even with tax increases on the wealthiest. Supporters fail to realize that nothing is free; things come with a price, and that price is hefty tax increases in everyone's taxes.

This party appears to be incompetent to the public. Many wonder how a party can run a country when it can't even run a primary caucus. Such ineptitude plays into the hands of the opposition party and becomes fodder for campaign rallies by the president.

I hold little hope for this country right now. The Democrats appear unable to forge a coalition that produces a strong candidate who can actually beat the president. The president is unfit for office and plans to cut such things a Medicare, Social Security, and healthcare coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. The extremes of both parties have hijacked the country, and I'm not sure those of us in the middle can take it back.

The U.S. is desperate for quality leadership. We don't have it now. Can we find it from someone who can bring both sides together? If not, my concerns are for my children and grandson. They deserve better than what our so-called "leaders" are giving us.

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