They Don't Care

I’ve had it! I’m fed up to my receding hairline with the politics

that are being played at the expense of this country’s economic stability, not to mention survival of millions of Americans.
Right now, the jobless rate is stuck at 9.1%. That doesn’t include all those folks who have quit searching for employment. If they were included, the rate would skyrocketed. People have lost their jobs and homes. Now, some who lost their homes had bitten off more than they could chew because they tried to buy too much house with too little paycheck. Still, others, such as laid-off teachers, simply can’t meet their mortgage payments any longer. In this case, the stands from politicos both locally and nationally in support of education are nothing more than posturing when at the same time they yammer deep cuts to school budgets are being inflicted.
Our country has been in a nasty funk since 2008. The economy tanked, as did those of other countries across the globe. Part of our problem was debt. However, let’s be clear about one thing: a huge hunk of this debt is the result of a ten year “war” that has sucked the life bloods from soldiers and the economy. So, those ultra-conservatives who decry all the spending should decide if they’re in favor of suspending the war and bringing our troops home. Hmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea since no end to the fracas is in sight.
The voting public is a fickle bunch. On the one hand, they’ve given President Obama a 44% approval rating, and a whopping 74.7% of those asked are unhappy with the direction of the country. However, 63% of those surveyed approve of the jobs program the president presented to Congress, who mostly along party lines, killed help for the middle class. At the same time, 64% agree the wealthiest citizens and corporations should take on the largest portions of the tax burden.
Congress has no intentions of setting aside differences so that the needs of the country can be addressed. The most liberal members demand that more money be spent, even though the nation can’t afford it. On the other side, the Tea Party representatives are against everything, and they would rather shut down the country than compromise. In either case, not much leadership is being shown.
It’s time to clean house. In case you haven’t noticed, they don’t care. The politicians are playing games with our country and its well being. Their actions remind me of little kids who get mad and won’t talk to each other. Of course, with grown-ups, spiteful actions accompany ill feelings. Ideologues are more interested in principle than reality. The rest of us can “go to hell in a hand basket” as far as they are concerned.
The US has plenty of problems, and all of us can share in the blame. The point is that we can get out from under the bad times, but only if we work together. The time for bickering is over. From now on, any public servant who chooses to stand in the way of recovery should be sent home where he or she can answer to the folks who vote.
If we don’t get our house in order, this country will continue its slide from a shining beacon on the hill to forty watt bulb that barely lights a single room. Politics should have no place in the rescue of America. Tell the morons in Washington to get out of the way of recovery or get run over.


Anonymous said...

Tea Baggers Unit. It is this kind of miss guided and miss informed comments of hate that created this mess since the big O took office. Were was all that compro when they jammed trillions of debt down our throat and a health care policy that is not legal. Someone has to be an adult in the DC area and take a stand. Did you comp with your kids when they were dead wrong? Now I agree both sides have issues but look at the dead beats in NY sitting around looking for handouts on wall street. Go ahead Joe - label them! Until the dreaded three Pelosi, Reid, Obama are gone you won't see much difference. Hang on....God Bless America!

Thomas Broberg said...


Your kids go off to college and unknown to you- they get credit cards and incur debt. They have unexplained spending habits that may be out of control. As they return for Christmas break you find out about this as they ask you for more money. What do you do? A. Give them money and not ask questions? B. Find out about their debt and spending habits to see if it can be corrected and cured before you give them anything else? If you chose B, welcome to the Tea party.
Why is it that people are so gun ho about blasting the Tea Party. They do not attack unions, gays, democrats, or wall street haters. The Tea Party just believes america needs to focus on it's financial mess in order to set this country on a better direction. It has a fundamental difference than that of DC now. Yes -BOTH parties are responsible for this but to win a game you have to take a side you believe in and play team ball. The Democratic tilted media feeds the fear to the gullible of the dangers of a free society and it appears a lot jump on the band wagon. Sean Penn is a good character and leader for such. Everybody has their opinion and is entitled to it in america as long as it remains free. It is too bad many do not share their opinions and choose to bash others instead. I respect your opinions and writings and I pray you respect ours.
Respectfully written,